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SA Pavilion


The Stuart Anderson Pavilion is a facility that gets used for various staff and parent functions. The facility is also used to serve teas at cricket matches in the 1st and 4th terms. Please scroll down for further information about the Cricket Teas.


The Pavilion is situated facing the Van Zyl field.

Opening Times

As and when.

Cricket Teas

The Stuart Anderson Pavilion is a shared facility so when more than one team has to use it can we please respect the fact that other teams will be in there at some time. If tea times happen to overlap, then be mindful that other teams will be sharing the facility.

  • There is to be one central point for the serving of the tea and coffee. ie: the urns and cups in one place for all teams and whichever team has tea first is responsible for washing up and replacing cups and saucers in the serving area for the next team.
  • Eats are to be placed on a table for each team and this table will be labelled with a laminated sticker. For example,  if U10A, U11A and U12A are sharing the facility on any given day,  there will be a table labelled for each and that specific team should not eat food placed on a table labelled for another team.
  • Please limit the eats to a few basic items such as sandwiches and milk tarts for parents and hot dogs or doughnuts for the boys  (please keep it simple).
  • A reminder that the boys are not allowed inside and that the teas are for parents from both schools only.
  • The boys’ juices and eats are to be served from a table outside the SAP.


Cricket Tea Guidelines


Please take note of the following guidelines to ensure that the hosting of cricket teas at the Pavilion runs smoothly:


  • All items in the cricket cupboard are listed on an inventory that can be found on the inside door of the cupboard.  Please make sure that the right amount of teacups, saucers, teaspoons etc are replaced neatly in the cupboard.
  •  Juice and biscuits will be available for the boys.
  •  Please provide your own milk and snacks.
  •  Please wash and dry up all items used.
  •  Refill the two 5L water bottles and put them back into the fridge.
  •  Remember to turn off the urns at the plug once they have been used.
  •  Please take all leftover snacks home.
  •  Remember to lock all cupboards before leaving.