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SACS Junior School is an ECO school and we feel very strongly about recycling waste generated on school premises. We invite parents to use our depot but ask that they respectfully adhere to the guidelines set out below.


Our Recycling Depot is situated just off the Dean Street Car Park.

Opening Hours:

You may use this depot on Tuesday mornings from 7.00 to 8.00am.

Due to an increase in illegal dumping and keeping the safety of our boys in mind, the gates to this area are not open on other days and are promptly locked at 8.00am on a Tuesday.

Please be aware that this depot is CLOSED during school holidays.


Please make sure that confidential items are kept out of the paper recycling or shredded first.


We strongly urge parents and users to follow these simple guidelines:

No dumping of unsorted items.

Please use the correct receptacle for the correct items.

Please be aware that we ONLY recycle the following:

  • CANS – clean tin or aluminum food cans
  • GLASS – glass bottles and jars
  • PAPER – magazines, newspapers and white office paper
  • PLASTIC – only clear plastic bottles.

Please note that we cannot accept any white plastic milk bottles.


How you can help:

We need volunteers to help with organizing and promoting our depot as well as Recycling Drives and other exciting School projects.

We collect glass every Tuesday morning at two points: the Dean Street recycling depot and near the fountain at the entrance to the Staff car park.

Recycling Drives ( white paper and magazines)

Dates for 2018 to be advised



Helena Duk – Recycling Drives


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