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“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.” – Nelson Mandela

SACS Junior School Outreach strives to make a difference in the lives of the less-fortunate in as many ways as possible. The PTA Office collects the following items on an ongoing basis.

See below for the items collected:

  • white school shirts for boys and girls
  • school shoes for boys and girls
  • sports shoes for boys and girls
  • adult and children clothing
  • books
  • puzzles
  • used unwanted stationary

Please ensure all items are clean and in good condition. Thank you!

Due to the generosity of SACS families, we have been able to assist the following schools/charities:

  • Suurbraak Primer
  • St Luke’s Hospice
  • Valkenberg
  • Pietersfontein Farm School, Montague
  • Vlakeplaas Primary, De Rust
  • Vukani Primary, Phillipi
  • Read to Rise


Blanket Drive 2016

We teamed up with BanaBlankets, a community empowerment project in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. Unemployed women, including grandmothers, make beautiful blankets in various sizes and styles.  These grandmothers are often the primary caregivers of orphaned or vulnerable children, so it is a very worthy cause to support.  Thank you to all parents who bought and donated blankets in our 2016 Blanket Drive.

Christian David Moravian School Vegetable Garden

After months of planning and collaboration, our dream of planting a vegetable garden at the Moravian School was realised in 2014. Due to the incredibly generous donation of 8 crates from a SACS family and the amazing donation of soil, lining & seedlings from Longmans Landscaping we were able to implement a vegetable garden that will supply the Moravian School Soup Kitchen with vegetables to feed the children delicious nutritious soups during the cold winter months.  We are pleased to say that the vegetable gardens at the Moravian school are still blooming and Roy, the school caretaker is very proud of his garden.



Jersey Drive 2015

We donated jerseys to Suurbraak Primary in our 2015 Jersey Drive.


Madiba Day!

Once again, the SACS Gr 6’s hosted the Moravian School Gr 5, 6 & 7’s for a day of fun & activities!




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