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Lost Property


Lost Property is a service offered by the PTA to try and ensure that lost property is returned to the owner.

Lost Property days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



The Lost Property area is located at the end of the Grade 5 Corridor.



If items are lost they are collected by the ground staff and placed in the wooden box outside reception.

Marked items are then sorted into the colourful class bags.

Boys may collect their lost items, at any time, from these bags on the hooks outside the Gr 5 classrooms/door to play area. (See Picture)



Lost Property not collected during the week is delivered to the class on Friday morning.

Unmarked items may be collected from Lost Property cupboard between  07:45 and 08:00am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Lost Property bags to be returned to hooks before the end of Friday please (so the process may start again on Monday!).

How you can help:

Please  mark all your son’s school clothes, sports clothes, lunch boxes, shoes and sports equipment clearly with his first name and surname.

You may volunteer to help with sorting lost property.



The Lost Property Co-ordinator – Bronwyn Walsh





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